How to embrace the outdoors this autumn

Autumn brings with it cooler temperatures and the odd rainy day for sure, but the season also blesses us with beautiful bright days when the sun makes our tree’s leaves look like gold. So it make sense to get out and really make the most of it. Here are our favourite ways to embrace the outdoors this autumn.

Have an autumn picnic

Typically something we do summer, a picnic in autumn can be a wonderful activity too. Try ringing the changes with hot chocolates in flasks and warming autumn soups alongside rosemary spiked cheese scones to give an autumn vibe for your food. And don’t forget the blankets, of course one to sit on but a few to snuggle up in are also a lovely way to enjoy the outdoors without feeling the chill.

cotton rugs

cosy scandi blankets

Make an outdoor room

Autumn shouldn’t stop you enjoying your outside space and outdoor rooms really don’t have to be a summer thing. Create a cosy space outside with a seating area that is piled high with blankets and cosy sheepskins. We love to add a reindeer rug into the mix too for a really lovely nordic feel that’s totally hygge. Light some candles for atmosphere too - they instantly make things feel cosy or snuggle around a fire pit and enjoy the autumnal light for an early evening gathering with friends and family

cow hide rugs

natural candles

Take a coffee moment

Life moves at a fast pace. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to take a look around once in a while and relish the seasons. Especially when nature is showing us such beauty in autumn, those jaw-dropping trees deserve to be admired. So grab a blanket, find a favourite spot, ideally bathed in some late autumn sunlight and just take a moment with a coffee to sit, just sit and take in the loveliness. You’ll not regret it, trust us.

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