Infuse your home with Natural Well-being

Jord Home ~ Natural Home in Swedish
Sustainably harnessing the bounty of the natural world to create oh so stylish, inviting spaces to truly connect & root you to nature…… creating the ultimate comfort in your home.
Our natural ranges of rugs, ethically sourced sheepskins & homewares bring warmth, comfort & joy into your home 


A note from our Founder

Welcome to our wonderful world of cosy ! 

Jord Home was my little side project, an outlet of creativity whilst I furnished our modest first home ... I yearned to make our little (very cold) home into a nest of comfort for us… 

To warm our little space I draped supersoft sheepskins over our chairs - every time a friend came over they would run their fingers through the wool…and comment how cosy and soft they felt... 

Fast forward ten years and we now send parcels of cosiness to all four corners of the world…. 

From our humble beginnings to your wonderful homes... 

We love hearing the tales from your homes, of the sheepskin stealing doggies, of the octogenarians appreciating that extra bit of cosy comfort in their golden years...

Each home has a story to tell and we feel very lucky to be sharing our cosy wares with you all... 

Stay Cosy , 

Gem  xx 


Notes on things we feel really strongly about … 


Jord translates across the Nordic countries as 'from the earth' & represents our commitment to natural materials. We source the softest sheepskins on earth with a focus on ethical rearing and sourcing. 

Our rugs and hides create a home environment that is both uplifting & comforting, through the use of texture, natural materials and light. All of our flatweave rugs are crafted from hand on traditional wooden looms, using cotton, jute and wool.


We source natural hides from the Sami people, a nomadic tribe travelling across the fells of Sweden, Norway and Finland following the rhythm of the seasons. All of our hides are handpicked - do get in touch if you need a particular shade of hide, as we love to source the perfect piece for your home. 


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