At Home with Victoria Summer

At Home with Victoria Summer

Victoria has transformed her Victorian villa in West London into a beautiful home, full of whimsical charm. As a producer in TV, Victoria has a real eye for beauty and detail, working on the first ever series of the Great British Bake Off. 

We are absolutely thrilled to catch up with her, exploring her style and devouring her advice on remodelling a period home. 

Tell us about your home and what makes it personal to you?

We bought our home at the end of 2019 as a probate sale. The lady who owned it had been born there and died there aged 99 years and 50 weeks. We lived nearby but we hadn't ever met her unfortunately as she sounds like a character!

It was a three bedroom Victorian red brick semi and we added a loft bedroom and bathroom and completed a side extension. We had a very bumpy ride with builders throughout the renovation and we are still working on it more than three years later! It's very special to us as we have overcome so many obstacles to renovate it.

Victoria has draped her Jord Home Alis supersoft sheepskin in ivory over her dining chairs to create welcoming warmth at the dining table 

How would you describe your interior style?

My interior style is neutrals with pattern and texture thrown in. That said I do have a blue and orange room and love pops of colour too. I an always working on trying to finish the house but it seems never ending!

Victoria has draped over supersoft Alis sheepskin over her daughter's bed to create warmth & comfort. 

Do you have a favourite room and what makes it so special?
My favourite room is the kitchen - it's where we spend most of our time.
For almost two years it was a disaster as the cabinet maker ran off with all the money and no one would touch it! Another company stepped in and took almost 8 months to build doors and then the company went under. Finally we found an amazing company who sorted it all out. It's not perfect because of everything that happened but for so long I thought I would never have a kitchen so I am extremely grateful to have it! 


Victoria has our braided storage basket  in medium and our washable braided rug, to create tonal textures in her beautiful kitchen 

What one piece of design/ styling advice would you give?
My design advice would be to not feel you have to do everything quickly. Social media often makes us feel pressured but these are often expensive decisions which you will live with for a long time. I would rather not have an item than buy the wrong one so I often have bare areas in the house for months or even years whilst I try to get it right. Rushing in usually ends badly for me!

Handcrafted tones and textures add warmth and comfort underfoot, with our braided rug 

What piece from Jord Home do you have your eye on?
I love the Mango Wood side table or stool. I can think of multiple uses for it in my home.