All You Need to Know About Sheepskin Rugs

A design classic whether draped over sofas or as a luxury rug at your bedside, a sheepskin rug is a must-have in your home. But with authentic real sheepskins and faux plastic backed versions available how do you know what you’re buying and how to look after it when you do? Here’s our guide to why what to look for when choosing yours.

sheepskin rugs

sheepskin rugs

Are real sheepskins ethical?

We only sell real sheepskin rugs.  Our sheepskins are a natural by-product of the farming industry making them a truly sustainable choice for your home. We only select ethical producers to source our sheepskin rugs and we personally pick each one by hand to ensure you get the most beautiful of bunch. 

Should I go real or faux?

Real sheepskins are incredibly soft, with a reassuringly dense packed wool fleece for a more sumptuous feel and come with natural variety, markings and colour. Faux sheepskins are generally plastic backed and can often use manmade fibres to create the ‘wool’ feel too. The faux fibres are generally not as soft as their natural counterparts and you won’t get the same variety of textures and natural colour. A simple way to spot a genuine sheepskin is by the backing. In quality real sheepskins the wool fleece will be attached to the leather and not stitched or glued. 

natural sheepskin rugs

natural sheepskin rugs

What style should I choose?

This is really all about the look you prefer and natural sheepskins offer so many different styles - it’s one of the reasons we’re so smitten with them. You can choose from traditional long-haired, super snuggly Shearling which is a shorter, denser pile and ideal for nurseries or the more unusual rare-breed Mongolian with it’s distinctive curly wool style.

Are sheepskin rugs easy to keep looking good?

The secret to keeping your natural sheepskin rug looking good is giving it a regular shake to remove dust and then a gentle brush now and then to keep the wool fibres soft and fluffy. We have some perfect little brushes designed especially to help protect the pile and fluff it up. Find them here.

natural sheepskin rugs
are sheepskins washable

Can I wash my sheepskin?

Although you can wash them gently, we’d recommend you spot clean rather than fully wash your sheepskin rug. If you find a mark or spill, just a gentle dab with a damp cloth is normally enough to bring it back to looking its best. We’ve more tips on how to look after your sheepskin here.

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sheepskin rugs