Interior books to Inspire

Interior books to Inspire

Beautiful books to inspire - perfect for the coffee table.

Curl up and relax with a good book - we can’t resist the allure of an inspiring read. Here are a few of our interiors favourites that have made it on to our reading list. 

‘Still. The Slow Home’ by Natalie Walton

Slow. To live ‘sustainably, local, organic and whole’ are the key principles that guide this jaw-droppingly beautiful lifestyle book by interiors expert Natalie Walton. Flicking through its pages of 20 beautiful homes from all over the world really soothes the soul and leaves you with ideas on how to slow things down without compromising on style. Like a favourite sweater, it’s a book we’ll be returning to time and time again for comfort.



Scandi Rustic by Reena Simon & Rebecca Lawson
Reena & Rebecca are eminent lifestyle influencers, embracing the calming & uplifting interiors of the Nordic lands & translating them into living spaces that inspire, in each corner of the world . The duo feature 12 stunning homes from across the Scandinavian peninsula to inspire you to bring the Scandi rustic lifestyle into your own homes . They deep dive into the key components that create a Scandi rustic home such embracing natural texture and light. 
‘Live Beautiful’ by Athena Calderone

If gorgeous images and inspiring spaces are your idea of heaven, then Live Beautiful by Athena Calderone could be right up your alley. Brimming with rather brilliant ideas for heavenly interiors with just the right amount of underrated wow, Athena, the greater of Eyeswoon, has been dubbed ‘the modern girl’s Martha Stewart’ by The New York Times. In this book she explores the homes of many influencers and creatives and shows us why they work so well. Informative as well as inspiring it makes a wonderful gift for any interiors lover.



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 ‘Inspired by Nature’ by Hans Blomquist

Art director and stylist Hans Blomquist shares his approach to using natural elements in the home to create a sanctuary that feels calm and stress-free. Using natural materials and well-loved finds, Hans artfully explains how to create a home that is peaceful, consistently using an earthy palette we’re more than a bit smitten with here at Jord home. It’s the sort of book that will have you hot-footing it to the local vintage fair for treasure and we’re totally on board.

Living with Nature: Decorating with the Rhythms of the Four Seasons: by Marie Masureel

We’re all getting more and more in tune with eating seasonally but less of us think about out homes that way. In her book, Marie Masureel shows us how to use nature and textures to create a seasonal home that works harmoniously as we live through each changing season. Whether it’s welcoming spring in with greenery and freshness ,or cozy elements and candlelight in winter Marie’s effortless style shows how one home can be transformed with thoughtful touches all year round. If anyone asks, you’ll find us off to scour the hedgerows for decor details.

91 magazine

Ok so not strictly a book but we’re huge fans of this magazine founded by editor Catherine Rowland. Each carefully curated edition features lovely homes and creative business spaces to inspire you. The magazine is known for championing stylish small businesses and creative independents, it’s like that ‘in the know’ friend who always knows what’s on point.




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