This Sheepskin Rug is a Hero for Your Home (and how you’ll use it all year round)

This Sheepskin Rug is a Hero for Your Home (and how you’ll use it all year round)

Think a sheepskin rug is just for winter home styling? Think again. Natural sheepskin rugs are hardworking hero pieces that can be used all year-round. A versatile accessory for both inside and out, our Alis sheepskin rug is a instant style fix. Read on to discover how it can work for you in your home.

Meet Alis. Our best-selling natural sheepskin rug is an irresistible mix of softness and style that not only looks great but is such a hardworking home accessory you’ll wonder how you lived without her.

Why we love her:

1. Softer than soft - Unlike many of the faux sheepskin rugs available, our Sheepskin rugs are all completely natural. We hand select them intentionally for their extra long pile which makes them softer than soft and elevate the look to be, well, just that little bit more special. It’s this natural softness that makes Alis perfect for draping over a sofa to snuggle on or over a bench in the garden for some extra comfort.

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sheepskin rugs

2. Neutral works everywhere - Sure colour is cool but neutral just works. Effortlessly chic. Alis comes in an ivory shade that will compliment your space. Whether it’s to counter a bold colour palette or develop a neutral scheme, Alis looks good and will enhance your interior all over your home.

3. Easy to care for - We believe homes are for living in and enjoying the things we have in them. Alis is a beauty yes, but she’s also quite tough and will stand up to being sat on, walked on and cleaned. She’s pretty low maintenance too, just give her a brush every now and again to remove any dust and keep her pile looking its best.

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4. Sustainable and stylish - Buying anything for your home should be a conscious choice and Alis is no one-hit-wonder, which makes her a truly sustainable purchase. She’ll be right at home on your bedroom floor to sink your feet into each morning as she is comfortable having out on your garden furniture to add that ‘Instagram’ effect to your outdoor living zones.

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