Why Every Home Needs a Sheepskin (and how to use it)

A home styling classic, a sheepskin rug is an accessory that will look good in every home.

Ground your space with a neutral rug.

For an instant impact and a fresh feel, it’s hard to beat a large cotton rug. And we’d say go big. Adding a larger neutral rug that covers a lot of your floorspace will give you a layout space to add and layer pieces on top. Neutral rugs help to create defined zones that draw our eye and ground a space making it instantly feel more purposeful.

cotton rug

Top large rug pick: Abbi oatmeal cotton rug.

Switch up your sofas

Move those sofas about. If you always have your sofa on one side of the room, think about switching to the opposite. You’d be amazed how such a simple switch can give your sitting room a completely different feel. 

Make it social

Got two sofas in your sitting room? “Place them face to face for a set up that encourages conversation and defines a space” says Emma from cosy home furniture brand Cabyn. “Not only does it look incredibly chic, but you’ll find it creates a really usable space that feels cosy and contemporary”.

Layer up with texture

A simple addition of cushions or soft textures like a sheepskin rug draped over your sofa can add a new look in seconds. Think about switching them seasonally too and build up a selection you can use for all year round restyling and always have a new look ready to go.

Sheepskin pick: The Alis

sheepskin rug

Light things up

Don’t forget, lighting has such an impact on our living space and the mood of a room. Positional task lights close to your sofas, not only look good but are essential for tasks like reading. We like to choose lights with a dimmer or smart bulb to create ambient feel with low soft diffused lights too.


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