Ervá Pure Reindeer Hide Scandi Rug

Ervá Pure Reindeer Hide Rug

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Featured in Homes and Gardens & Vogue.

Very rare white reindeer hide, with amazingly soft fur.

Jord Home hand select each Ervá Pure Reindeer Hide to ensure sumptuous markings in shades of white.

Our hides are ethically sourced, supplied by the Sami people, a nomadic tribe travelling across the fells of Sweden, Norway and Finland following the rhythm of the seasons.

A multitude of uses - from throws to accentuate a chair, through to beautiful floor coverings, adding warmth and depth in the home.

Ideal for use outside, as well as in, with the ability to withstand super cold conditions.

Each hide is completely individual. If you are looking to enhance an interiors scheme and have bespoke requirements we would be delighted to send you images of your hide prior to purchase. Typical dimensions are 4 ft by 3 ft 

Reindeer Hide Care

All our reindeer hides are guaranteed for total peace of mind. Our reindeer hides are Grade A quality (the best there is) and professionally tanned in an EU certified tannery in Finland. 

Reindeer hides need a little bit of TLC - as long as you follow the care instructions they will last for years.  

  • Place away from direct heat sources (such as a fire or radiator). 
  • Keep away from pets as they absolutely love to dig their claws into the hide.
  • Sit on and stand on occasionally - they can't withstand sitting on for long periods everyday. 

If you are looking for a hide for your home to sit on and stand on for long periods every day - we would highly recommend our cowhides and sheepskins.