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Cream & Ivory Cowhide Rug

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Beautiful natural cowhide in very rare cream & ivory tone. 

The very best quality cowhides available globally - we work with the finest tanneries in the world. 

Each hide goes through 3 handselection processes to ensure softness, durability and a beautiful tone to create your perfect space. ⠀

These look wonderful in a living space or hallway.

They are extremely durable & easy to care for (see Care Instructions). 

A note on Sourcing - 
We only work with farms where animal husbandry is of the highest standard - the cows roam free on grassy pastures, are reared for their meat & the hides are a bi product. 

You will receive a stunning hide that looks very very similar to the product photos.  Each hide is unique - we also have a bespoke section to choose individual hides or just message us as we would love to help you find your perfect hide. 

Cowhide Care Instructions - 

Cowhides are a natural product - they are very hard wearing and do not fade in the sunlight.

They can be vacuumed or brushed in the direction of the hairs, which will maintain the glossy shine of the hide. Spillages can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and soap and water.

Dimensions - 

Each hide is unique and around 250cm in length and 200cm wide. We source for the finest quality and our hides are naturally large. 

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