All you Need to Know About Ethical Rugs

All you Need to Know About Ethical Rugs

All rugs aren’t created equal. From cheap plastic backing to poor quality cottons treated with nasty chemicals and dyes, choosing an ethical rug for your home can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here’s our guide to why searching for an ethically sourced rug is better for you and your home.

ethical natural rugs

ethical cow hides

What does ethical mean?

For us it’s not just about the materials used, but the making too. We’re strong advocates of only sourcing our rugs and hides from makers and craftspeople that not only source raw materials like cotton or reindeer hides in a sustainable way, but also then go on to craft our collections responsibly and with care for themselves and our environment. 

Natural large cotton rug

ethical cotton rugs

It’s why we purposely don’t work with huge producers or large companies where we can’t see this work first-hand. We look for independent folks who share our mindset. Our sheepskin, reindeer and cow hide rugs are intentionally used as a by-product of the food industry. Our makers respect their craft and we respect them. We pay them fairly and they do a great job. It’s just better that way.

What to look for in an ethical rug

Cowhide rug

cow hide rugs

Softness and quality

We’ve always hand-selected all our hides and rugs. Each one gets individually hand chosen for their looks, structural quality and softness. It’s not something you can achieve with machines or mass manufactured rugs.

Reindeer hide rug

ethical reindeer rugs

Plastic-free authenticity 

Many cotton rugs can be woven and backed with plastics to make them more durable and yet still sold as natural. For us, there’s nothing natural about plastic and we purposely avoid it in our natural rugs. So be sure to look for 100% cotton if you’re keen to own an ethically-sourced cotton or cowhide rug. And just so you know, all Jord Home ones are plastic-free and always will be.

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