How to Care for a Sheepskin Rug

How to Care for a Sheepskin Rug

Love a sheepskin rug as much as us? You’re in the right place. Effortlessly stylish, natural and easy to care for Sheepskin rugs, it’s no wonder they are our favourite home accessory. Here’s our guide to keep them looking lovely.

So you’ve got your favourite sheepskin rug (or several - you can really never have too many) adorning your home. Here’s how to care for them so they look good for longer.

Natural sheepskin rug sheepskin rug care
1. Give them a shake
The easiest way to keep your natural sheepskin rug free of dust is to give it a good shake. We like to do this outside to get the maximum benefit, a bit of fresh air won’t do you any harm either.

Large sheepskin rug

ivory sheepskin rug

2. Spot clean
If you find some dirt or a spill, dab don’t rub the mark with a damp cloth. The natural fibres will repel the marks so it’s easy to remove most marks without any fuss or need for detergents.

Double Sheepskin rug

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3. Brush em up
Your sheepskin is a natural product that can benefit from a brush from time to time to gently tease the wool fibres. Simply keep your sheepskin rug nice and flat and give it a bit of a groom. We’ve got some super brushes made especially for the job - head here to get yours >>

Luxury sheepskin rug

how to brush sheepskin rugs

4. Choose the right Sheepskin rug for your needs
Whist our luxury sheepskin rugs are a natural and really quite robust product, if you’re planning on keeping yours in an area high traffic or in a children’s room or nursery, the shorter pile Shearling varieties can be easier to look after. If this sound like you, go for one of our Ellie Shearling Sheepskin rugs - not only are they totally on-point right now but are super low-maintenance.

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