Jute basket and pouffe

At Home with Samantha Abbott

We chatted to the wonderful Samantha Abbott, a photographer, on how she infuses her rental cottage with character & charm. Samantha’s home exudes understated character, with touches of natural texture, where antiques & salvaged finds blend together beautifully. Read on to discover the story of her home.. 


Samantha has the Braided Natural Jute Rug under her desk to anchor her workspace in natural fibres and wellness. 

Tell us about your home and what makes it personal to you. 

We currently live in a beautiful cottage (once a cattle shed circa 1800s). It has quirks a plenty with two staircases and a large, “Jack and Jill” bathroom - which, as you can imagine, has its pros and cons. We’re renting whilst we look to buy, but this means we’re unable to make any real changes around the cottage. However, we were allowed to repaint the walls in colours of our choice - we’ve gone from turquoise walls in our kitchen, and a garish green lounge to peaceful, calming tones throughout. 


Samantha has rooted her home in natural texture with the Woven Ottoman  , the Braided Basket in extra large and the Braided Rug 

How would you describe your interior style?

Definitely eclectic. I’m particularly drawn to the Victorian era - a love which transcends decades and was forged many years ago when I lived in a 1900s house. The thrill of knocking through fireplaces, uncovering panel doors and discovering original features never gets old for me. With that in mind, my style is generally a mix of character pieces, dark wood and a rustic, Scandi style - both of which have a unique place in my home. I regularly scour vintage emporiums and charity shops looking for time-worn pieces and among some favourite finds are my desk, kitchen table, old chairs, and antique artwork. 


Samantha has styled her beautiful desk space with the braided rug and the extra large braided basket, infusing her workspace with natural wellness  

Do you have a favourite room? What makes it special?

I’m one of those people who are drawn to kitchens and that’s where I can be mostly found during the day. Our kitchen here at the cottage is large with plenty of room for the dining table at one end making it the perfect place for family to gather. For someone who finds delight in simple pleasures, seeing dappled light weave its way through our sprawling magnolia tree and into the kitchen is what really makes it special.

What one piece of design/styling advice would you give?

As a photographer, I’m always looking for good light, but if your home is darker than you’d like, (as is ours) use window dressings that diffuse the light and allow plenty in. Natural linen and muslin fabrics are perfect for this whilst adding organic texture to any room. I switched our heavy, cottage style curtains for natural, washed linen and the difference was immediate. 

Samantha has popped foraged foliage in her braided basket, from just £15 

What piece from Jord home do you have your eye on?

Anyone who loves to style knows that a French-inspired market basket is a must-have at home. Its uses are endless, and with an abundance of textural appeal and those neutral tones; who could resist.