How to Create an Outdoor Room

How to Create an Outdoor Room

Lay a Rug

Rugs don’t just have to be used indoors. Laying a jute rug or large cowhide rug outside is a great way to add texture and warmth to a seating area. What’s more it gives dimension to your space, creating a defined zone for you to build on with your seating and accessories.

Our cowhide and jute rugs are particularly durable and although we wouldn’t recommend leaving them outside in all weathers, their natural qualities mean they are robust enough for using outdoors.

Cow hide rug - Scandi rugs for outdoor use.

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Pile up Cushions

Can you ever have too many cushions? No we don’t think so either. When entertaining guests, bring out cushions you’d normally use on your sofa to really create an inviting space to relax. Pile them high on your outdoor seating or simply on top of a rug for a low-level seating area. It’s a surefire way to up the comfort factor and they are a quick fix to create a more comfortable space when the sun is shining.

Sit on Sheepskins

natural sheepskin rugs - double sheepskin rugs

outdoor rugs

Sheepskin rugs are our favourite way to luxe up your outdoor space for spring. Throw them over wooden benches or chairs for a textural feel that is comforting and cosy. The feel of a genuine sheepskin is irresistible and our natural sheepskin rugs are simply the softest you’ll find as we hand select them for their quality and superior softness.

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Dress the Space with Pots and Plants

It sounds obvious but bringing plants and flowers into your outdoor seating space helps define the space as a room. Whether you bring them from indoors or simply move pots and planters from other areas of the garden it’s a great way of elevating the look of your seating area. And don’t think they have to be real either, we’re love a faux plant here at Jord Home, perfect if your less than blessed with green fingers, and on-point grasses and dried flowers you enjoy indoors make wonderful centrepieces on your tables too.

luxury sheepskin rugs - large natural ethically sourced sheepskin rugs
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Finish with Lighting

We’re big fans of festoon lighting for creating atmosphere outside, but if you don’t have outdoor lighting, candles are a brilliant way to create a lovely mood when dusk falls. Pop them glass jars and hurricane lamps to stay safe and look wonderful. For a relaxed feel, mix them up in various sizes and even use tea lights in glasses dotted around to bounce magical light around our set up.

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how to create an outdoor room - rugs for outside.