Create a Warm Welcome for Guests

Create a Warm Welcome for Guests

If like us, you’re more than just a little excited at the prospect of inviting guests back into your home, but feel a touch out of practice. Here’s a few thoughtful ideas to help you give them the warmest of welcomes.

3 ways to make your guest feel welcome

Gift a bedside basket

A basket of goodies left beside their bed is a thoughtful way to welcome your guests. Fill it with some edible treats (check out our homemade chocolate truffle recipe if you’re feeling creative in the kitchen), bottles of mineral water, some lovely toiletries, a favourite book and your wifi code. Plus a spare phone charger is always a super touch. 

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Make space 

It sounds obvious but this easy step is often overlooked. Before your guests arrive take some time to clear away a few bits and pieces to make space for you guests. Some hanging space in a wardrobe or a drawer to use during their stay will make them feel more comfortable bringing in their own things for a few days and give them more room to enjoy their stay.

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Create some cosy

Even in summer, staying in someone else’s space can feel cooler than at home. Layering a natural sheepskin rug at the side or over the end of a bed is a simple and flexible way to add cosiness and style without being overwhelming if temperatures rise.


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