Guest Blog for Arlo & Jacob

Guest Blog for Arlo & Jacob

We were delighted to provide a guest blog for one of our favourite brands, Arlo & Jacob. You can read the blog post below.
Best tips for creating a family-friendly living room
"Firstly I say to all parents you don't have to compromise your style," shares Gemma Wright, the force behind Jord Home. "Remember as parents, we still want special things in our homes."
The biggest trend is about surrounding ourselves with sensual textures and premium fabrics that are easy to clean. "Invest in upholstery fabrics and rugs that can be easily wiped clean or thrown in a washing machine," says Gemma. "All our rugs are machine washable and they are super popular in homes with small children because they look great and are practical."

luxury sheepskin

sheepskin rug

Your favourite kid-friendly interior solutions?
"Just because you have a small child, or have children around, you can still have a sense of style," adds Gemma. The key is surrounding ourself with furniture and rugs that are washable, easy to clean and stain-resistant. Our Harriet sofa is designed with removable covers so that families can keep their sofa looking fresh even with children. "It's about providing solutions that still make you feel house proud," Gemma believes. "We want beautiful things in our homes, it's about the "here and now" and smart fabrics and textures offer that," she adds.

scandi rugs

Top tips for a fresh family living room:  
  1. Shop your home and create a new look for what you have. "That way you don't need to go out and buy everything new," says Gemma. "Use cushions, lighting, rugs and mirrors to refresh by styling them differently."
  2. Surround yourself with multi-functional furniture that looks great but also helps with the clutter. Consider family-friendly footstools such as our Rupert or Pip which both feature hidden storage compartments perfect for storing toys.
  3. Invest in practical but beautiful household cleaning tools. Go back to more traditional household items such as a wooden brush because you will use it all the time. "Beautiful household objects give us a lift when we are doing mundane tasks," Gemma says.
  4. Embrace texture, whether it's a cosy rug or indulgent boucle fabric, your home needs to feel good. "In an increasingly digital world surrounding ourselves with texture is an antidote from our screens," says Gemma.