How to Choose the Right Rug

How to Choose the Right Rug

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choice of rugs available for you home. With so many lovely options available it can be hard to know where to begin. But choosing the right rug is easy with our handy guide. Read on to discover what works well where and our tips for selecting a rug that will work wonderfully in your home.

Cotton Rugs

cotton rugs
natural cotton rugs

Natural fibres and easy to keep clean, cotton rugs are an excellent choice for busy homes. Soft to the touch they make an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms - especially if they are at the crawling stage - those precious little knees will love the soft smooth texture of our flatweave cotton rugs. Practical too, smaller cotton rugs can be popped in the washing machine on a gentle cycle to keep them looking pristine.

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Jute rugs




jute runners

A design classic and an excellent way to bring texture into your home. Natural jute rugs are a go-to choice for many interior designers for that balance of rustic style. Incredibly hard-wearing they are ideal for busy traffic areas like hallways and entrances.

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Sheepskin Rugs

sheepskin rugs

sheepskin rugs

An Instagram interiors must-have, versatile and user-friendly. Natural sheepskin rugs are our bestsellers for a reason. Superbly soft and tactile, they make beautiful rugs for a bedroom or sitting room and are a multi-tasking piece that you can use on chairs and benches too for instant Instagram style points. We choose our sheepskins for their beauty but also for their superior softness and quality which you can’t compare to the more common faux sheepskins that won’t have the same natural feel. Choose traditional single sheepskin or for a real statement opt for a double sheepskin rug to suit a larger space.

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Reindeer Rugs

reindeer hide rugs

reindeer hides

Naturally warm to the touch and incredibly beautiful - a reindeer hide rug is an investment rug you’ll enjoy for years. Working equally as well on the ground as slung over the back of your sofa, these natural reindeer hides are unique and add a luxury feel to any interior.

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how to choose the right rug