How to decorate your home with Cow Hide rugs

How to decorate your home with Cow Hide rugs

Cow hides rugs are having moment. A long time favourite with interior designers for their timeless looks and versatility, cowhides are becoming a design classic and deserve a space in everyone’s home.

But how to make the most of them in your interior? Read on for our favourite ways to decorate with cow hide rugs.

1. All about the angle

Naturally, cow hide rugs have an organic shape so they look great when placed at an angle under your sofa, you get bonus points if you pair them with a circular table for contrast.

Cow hides

cow hide rugs

2. Layer them up

More is more. Cow hide rugs look wonderful layered over a sisal or jute rug to create beautiful tactile layers to add real interest and texture to you home schemes. Adding extra layers creates a cosy sanctuary for seasonal textures when you want a warmer look.

3. In a hallway

Surprisingly hardwearing and easy to care for, cow hide rugs are a great option for high traffic areas like hallways and landings. Simply brush down regularly to keep dirt at bay.

4. Use them outdoors 

More and more of us are using our outdoor spaces to relax all year round. Whether it’s a deck or terrace using cow hides to create a ‘room’ outdoors’ is a smart way to extend your living space. And create a comforting outside area to relax in. Cow hides are naturally super durable making them a perfect way to elevate your time outdoors.

5. For the kids 

Don’t let the kids miss out. Inject style and practicality into your family lounge or playroom with a cow hide rug. They are naturally water resistant and easy to care for which makes them perfect for rooms that are used by small children and pets that naturally get a bit more wear and tear.

cow hides


cow hide rugs

6. As a wall hanging

Why limit yourself to frames on your walls? Hang a cow hide rug for texture and interest, the natural markings create beautiful artwork and bring softness and warmth to a cool space. They are particularly useful if you have an echo in your room too, absorbing sounds wonderfully.

7. Pick your tone

A completely natural product, cow hides come in a variety of beautiful colours and patterns. When choosing one, consider whether you want a neutral cream cowhide to tonally enhance a calm Scandi interior style or go for more drama with a statement piece that draws the eye directly.

cow hides

cow hide rugs

So next time you think about adding some texture to your home, consider a natural cow hide rug.

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We source our cow hides ethically for their distinctive looks and quality, no two are the same so if you have something in mind let us know and we can help you source the perfect piece. 

A natural bi-product, we work closely with sustainable farms where cows reared for their meat, enjoy their time outdoors grazing on grass. 

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How to decorate your home with cow hide rugs