Simple steps to Refresh and Renew Your Home

Simple steps to Refresh and Renew Your Home

As much as we love a big home makeover, sometimes it’s the smallest changes that can have the biggest impact. Switching up our home spaces with simple changes is a great way to make our homes (and us) feel refreshed.

Today we’re sharing our favourite ways to make your living space feel brand new. 


1. Move furniture
Simply moving around your existing furniture in to a new composition can be transformative to a room. Try positioning your sofa so it faces the sunlight to soak up restorative rays or create communal seating areas with armchairs that face one another to spark conversation. Switch side tables from bedrooms that can double up as personal drinks tables or be the perfect spot for a well placed plant or candle for cosiness. By rearranging your furniture you can reset how you use a room, be creative with your furniture and give it a new purpose.



2. Embrace natural light
Fling open the curtains and blinds and let the light in. Filling a dim room with natural light can breathe new energy into it and often you’ll find you’ll want to use it more. If you have heavy curtains, this could be a great time to switch them for a lighter linen or cotton fabric to let in more light. And if you have particularly dark rooms, a super trick is to extend your curtain pole well past your window frame so that your curtains can be pushed right back and not block any of that
precious daylight.




3. Add texture
An instant and easy way to create a new look is with texture. Whether that’s laying a natural woven rug under foot to add comfort and colour, or throwing a super-soft sheepskin over your sofa to change things up, adding textures will change a room’s feel in a flash. And don’t feel you need to stop at one new texture either. We’re big fans of layering for a personalised interior. A couple of rugs layered over one another can give your floorspace a new dimension and your room a
completely new feel.


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4. Change up accessories

A great way to give a room a new look is with some well-placed accessories. Introducing candles, vases and books add personality and interest to your space. It’s well worth switching these around with each season to keep things feeling fresh. And don’t stop at smaller accessories, try changing your artwork on your walls too. By switching prints from one room to another you can give a space a sense of newness. Plus you may get a new appreciation of your artwork or family photographs when they are bathed in new light. 


5. Bring the outside in
Consider introducing plants for interest or flowers in seasonal hues to add a fresh feel to your space - adding interest all year long they can help make a home feel elegant and loved. And you don’t have to spend a fortune either, a well placed twig in a vase gathered on a walk can have as much impact as a bouquet of fresh blooms.