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This Sheepskin Rug is a Hero for Your Home (and how you’ll use it all year round)

Think a sheepskin rug is just for winter home styling? Think again. Natural sheepskin rugs are hardworking hero pieces that can be used all year-round. A versatile accessory for both inside and out, our Alis sheepskin rug is a instant style fix. Read on to discover how it can work for you in your home.

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All You Need to Know About Sheepskin Rugs

A design classic whether draped over sofas or as a luxury rug at your bedside, a sheepskin rug is a must-have in your home. But with authentic real sheepskins and faux plastic backed versions available how do you know what you’re buying and how to look after it when you do? Here’s our guide to why what to look for when choosing yours.

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