Neutral cotton rug

The Neutral Cotton Rug that Works Well…Everywhere

Buying a rug is an investment, so choosing the one that works for your needs is a must. Thankfully we’ve an all-round winning rug that works well in every room. Like that go-to outfit you always feel good in, our Sofia cotton rug is a classic that will work well everywhere. Read on to discover how it can work for you in your home.

Meet Isa. Our go-to classic cotton rug that has versatility woven into its beautifully made natural fibres.

Why we love her:

neutral cotton rugs

1. Neutral tones that go with everything

This is doing neutral right. Woven with a rich texture in our signature tones of flint and pale grey  means Isa will work wonderfully in your interiors. Whether you need a calm tone to allow other statement colours to shine or are going for an all in calming space filled with soothing neutrals the Isa is the perfect choice. 

2. Hand crafted by experts

Like all our cotton rugs, Isa is crafted by hand on a wooden loom by expert weavers who take real care and pride in their pieces. Choosing artisan makers to develop our rugs mean we can always guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of each rug we send out to you and each piece is slightly different so you can be assured of having something extra special to grace your home.

3. Deep pile for extra comfort

And each time you walk on your rug you can be assured of a reassuringly soft feel. Isa is made from pure, natural, deep pile cotton for optimum warmth and comfort.


neutral cotton rugs


4. Herringbone. Well, it’s Herringbone.

Love the classic style Herringbone delivers? Us too. Isa has an on-point Herringbone design to add subtle pattern and texture which works especially well in an otherwise pared back scheme where the detailing really shines.

5. Double the rug
We want your rug to have longevity, work in all areas of your home and look good for longer which is why just like all our Jord Home rugs, Isa has a flat weave design which means the design is the same on both sides, doubling the life of your rug. So it’s really double the rug for your money. Not bad right?

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