Using Natural Materials in Your Space - Our Guide

Using Natural Materials in Your Space - Our Guide


When we start planning a room’s look, texture is always our go-to. Natural materials like jute, stone and wood are staples of our aesthetic and add an effortless feel that just oozes a calming laidback style we love. Here we’re sharing our favourite ways to incorporate them into your interior style.

Ground your Space with Jute

natural jute rugs

jute rugs

A classic texture for any home, Jute is hard wearing, natural fibre that when woven creates a timeless look and warmth of tone. Whether you choose a large jute rug like our Braided Natural Rug to ground your space or a useful ottoman for a flexible seat, Jute is a relaxed texture that’s easy to live with and will give a timeless rustic feel to your interiors.

Add Some Stone

jute natural rugs

natural jute rugs

Whether it’s a stone tiled floor or a handmade ceramic vase. Stone is a brilliant natural finish to add contrast to your interiors. Its smooth tactile feel works wonderfully against more textural elements and works wonderfully as an accent material.

Work with Wood 

large sheepskin rug

jute rugs

With so many varieties, wood is a wonderful natural material to use in your interiors. Opt for darker tones to make a statement, light to keep things airy or balance warm or cool tones of wood for a unique scheme. And wood doesn’t have to mean furniture, useful wooden trays and boards make great layering pieces for your coffee table adding all important texture and interest.

Create Comfort with Cotton

cotton rug

natural cotton rugs

Soft to the touch, cotton is a gorgeous natural material that has so many uses and always looks fresh. We like to start with a neutral cotton rug, such as our super versatile Abbi oatmeal rug as a base and build from there. A cotton covered sofa like this dreamy one from Cabyn piled high with cushions is the perfect way to blend your textures too - building up contrasting materials for interest.

Pile on Some Plants

sheepskin rugs

Well, we know there are not strictly a material, but a well placed bit of foliage really brings a room alive. Plants have never been cooler than right now and with so many different varieties on offer, even if you’re not blessed with green fingers you’ll find one to suit your space.


neutral rugs